Monday, February 28, 2011

A Little Cat Nap

Mason is our animal lover.  And because he loves animals, they love him.  This is how we found him sleeping.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Fever

We are all getting so anxious for the snow to melt and for it to warm up. The boys really want to play out back on the grass, so they were going to find a way. They all headed out back with shovels and started shoveling the snow off the grass. It wasn't very deep up by the patio, but the further out they got it was at least a foot deep. They shoveled and shoveled and finally decided it was probably wasn't the best idea. It was so funny to watch them. They are determined to get rid of the snow!!!! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day was a fun busy day. We woke up to heart shaped pancakes and big smiles. I was able to go with Mason to his class today. The kids were all so excited and full of energy. They decorated valentine bags and handed out all their valentine's to their friends. Then they went to a little store called Paint Your Heart Out. They each got a little tile that they painted and put their hand print on. The kids were so cute. They each got to pick their own colors and make it their style. Mason painted his tile blue and then had an orange hand print (for the Broncos). His dad was proud! It was a really fun party for the kids. As soon as Mason's party was over we went to Dallin's school party. We took in cupcakes and the kids decorated them with all kinds of frosting and candies. Mason thought he was pretty cool to hang out with the big kids. He even got to play some games with them! They passed out their valentine's and were full of sugar and hyper the whole time. They had a lot of fun and I love that I can be a little part of it.


That night we had sweet and sour chicken (the kids favorite) and chocolate covered fortune cookies with valentine sprinkles for dinner. Then we gave the kids a little valentine from us. The boys had been begging and saving their money to buy skateboards. So we thought we would surprise them and got them each a new skateboard. They were so excited and took them straight to the basement to try them out. They were trying all kinds of tricks and Joe even tried a few. Little Aubrey go some new Tinkerbell clothes. She loved them! The boys gave us some sweet cards and showed that they loved us by the smiles on their faces and the happiness they have when we are together as a family.

Joe and I went out over the weekend to celebrate Valentine's day. I had some plans that fell through a couple days before, so Joe noticed I was bummed about it and decided to surprise me. We got a babysitter and left to go to dinner. Joe kept telling me we were having heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's, but I couldn't figure out how we were going to have that when we weren't at home. He thought it was funny that I really thought we were going to have that. As we were driving to dinner, which there are very few places to go here in Vernal, he got a call from the hotel. They told him he needed to come down because there was someone being arrested from one of the rooms. Joe was totally bugged because it was messing up our plans. We went to the hotel and it just so happened that it was his plan. We went up to the room that "the guy was being arrested" in and he had it decorated with a candle lit dinner. I was a little surprised and kind of on to him at the same time! It was really fun to have a nice dinner and not have to be at a noisy restaurant with a lot of other people. I loved that he put so much thought and planning into the evening. I am so lucky to have Joe to my very own! It was a perfect Valentine's date with a perfect Valentine.