Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mountain Biking

 After the race the kids were set on mountain biking.  We met up with the Mason's and took the kids to the Gemini Bridges road.  It worked out so well, the kids road their bikes down with an adult chaperone and we followed them in the cars.  It was still cold and windy but that never seems to stop the fun.  Aubrey was able to get her nap while the boys road and everyone had a good time.  The kids kept looking for anything they could jump off of and of course I had to take a picture of everything!

Dylan, Aubrey, Chase and Mason getting ready for  the ride

Dylan, Chase, Jaxson and Kolby

Cool man Chase


They found some fun jumps that weren't just for bikes!

Mason was a little bummed because he couldn't ride with his cast on very well, but still managed to have a good time.

Joe rode with the kids part of the time

They all think they are pretty tought

Chase got pretty good at the jumps

A little vision of how it was done!

They would have kept riding all night

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